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Your home's sewer and plumbing systems must be properly maintained. However, the majority of homeowners are unaware of how the system actually works. This misunderstanding can lead to poor maintenance, which can result in serious issues later on. That is where a professional's role comes in. Louisiana Leak Detection offers the best leak detection services for plumbing and sewer lines, utilizing the most advanced technological solutions. We quickly identify the source of the leakage problem in order to take immediate action and prevent further damage. For your convenience, our services are available 24/7.

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Understand The Basic Signs of Sewer Line Leakage

Plumbing and sewer line leak detection service

You may occasionally notice some common sewer leakage signs that you are completely ignorant of. And you overlooked them because you were unaware of the repercussions. As a result, significant damage appears, with exorbitant repair costs. That is why it is absolutely essential to learn the fundamentals.

  • Strange noises: If you hear constant water running noises but there's no tap open, there is a chance of having leaky sewer pipes.
  • Bad odor: The unpleasant smell you might be facing, can be the cause of mold growth inside due to the sewer line leakage.
  • Foundation cracks: When the floor starts to shift, foundation cracks can show up. This can be caused by seeping sewer pipes.
  • Slow drainage: There might be debris, food, or hair that clogged the drain. However, leaky pipes can create the issue of a slow drainage system.
  • Higher utility bills: When you see the monthly bills and it has increased without any reason, you should get the sewerage checked for leak detection.
  • Water Meter keeps running:  The water meter should not keep running when all the taps and other appliances are shut off. But if you still notice it running, there's a possibility of the sewer leaking.

Take Rapid Action to Detect Plumbing Leaks with Louisiana Leak Detection

Our company is locally owned and operated, working for years in order to fast, effective, and non-invasive leak detection. We have trained and qualified experts with hands-on experience. Our cutting-edge leak detection technology makes the work much faster. We provide services for Plumbing Leak Detection, Sewer Line Leak Detection, Slab Foundation Leak Detection, Pipe Corrosion Detection, and others.

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