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Sewer Line Leaks Detection with Infrared Cameras in Southeast Louisiana

Sewer line leaks and moisture infiltration can cause significant damage to a home or building. But these leaks are often quite challenging to detect until it is too late. With infrared cameras or thermal imaging cameras, one can easily detect hidden water damage and moisture issues without any destructive testing.

Louisiana Leak Detection is a well-reputed leak detection service provider company in Southeast Louisiana. We are a locally owned and operated company using cutting-edge leak detection technology to help our clients with plumbing leaks, sewer line leaks, and slab foundation leaks. So, if you suspect any leak in your plumbing system and need leak detection services in Hammond, New OrleansCovington, Lafayette, or other neighboring cities in our service area, don’t wait to call us at 225-320-5566 or click here to contact us online.

Leak system inspection

Leak Detection Process with Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras can detect radiation that reflects heat differences and temperature variations in a specific region. These cameras can instantly identify those temperature variables that you or any technician cannot see with the naked eye. The viewfinder of an infrared camera shows a series of gradient colors on its screen, which gives the operator a clear image of the heat spectrum in that space.

Brighter reds, yellows, and orange colors are used for different ranges of warm signatures. On the other hand, shades of blues and purples indicate cooler areas of a home. Thus the technician or anyone operating the camera can detect leaks without breaking the walls of a house.

Why Choose Louisiana Leak Detection?

Everyone wants a hassle-free leak detection service. Louisiana Leak Detection ensures that clients don’t have to worry about any extra damage or additional cost. Here’s why you should rely on Louisiana Leak Detection for leak detection services —

  • Cutting-Edge leak detection technology (Infrared cameras, SONAR imaging, etc.)
  • Trained & qualified experts
  • Fast and affordable service
  • Locally owned & operated company
  • 24/7 emergency service

In short, we have the right equipment and skilled workforce to handle any leak in your plumbing system and sewer line. So, for any assistance with leak detection, feel free to call us at 225-320-5566 or click here to schedule an appointment.