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A tiny leak in any plumbing line, sewer line, or slab foundation surprisingly can cause huge structural issues that can affect properties if not fixed in time. Your property can be in a vulnerable and unsafe situation if you ignore the situation. Timely leak detection is required to avoid further hassle.

No need to worry much. IICRC-certified professionals at Louisiana Leak Detection provide the fastest and most effective leak-detection services for residential and commercial customers. So, call 225-320-5566 to get services from us.

Additional Leak Detection Services

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Rain Leak: Rain leaks are typically caused by damaged or fractured roofs. It may damage buildings rapidly and severely and cause water damage. It affects walls, floors, furniture, and other items that can be expensive to restore.

Water Intrusion: The uncontrolled movement of water or vapor into dry portions of a building can damage it. Problems can extend to other parts of the home, causing costly damage to the interior and exterior walls and wood rot.

Mystery Leak: Mystery leaks are water leaks that are hard to find and don't seem to come from pipes or devices that stand out. As the source is hidden, its impact is also hidden and huge.

Gas Leak: Natural gas leaks in the home pose a fire hazard and can be fatal if inhaled. A gas leak can lead to a potential fire accident and cause a serious case of injury.

Basement Floor Leak: Backing up or collapsed drains, leaking pipes or appliances, a weak foundation, blocked gutters, and inadequate drainage can cause water to seep through your basement floor.

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Benefits of Choosing Louisiana Leak Detection

Louisiana Leak Detection ensures that consumers do not experience any more damage or expenses. Louisiana Leak Detection is the best choice for leak detection because__

  • Certified and qualified experts
  • Speedy and inexpensive service
  • Local, family-run business
  • Technicians with IICRC certification
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • Innovative technology for leak detection such as Infrared cameras and SONAR imaging

For years, our crews have provided the best plumbing leak detection services throughout Southeastern Louisiana. We spot leaks caused by clogged drains, high water pressure, pipe corrosion, drastic temperature change, untreated drain clogs, and more! When you need our help in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, call us at 225-425-3121 or you can simply click here to arrange leak detection services today!

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Our services are available in Baton Rouge, Hammond, New Orleans, Covington, or nearby cities in our service area. Whenever you need leak detection services, don’t hesitate to call 225-320-5566. We are always ready to help you out with our best service. To know more about our services, click here.