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Plumbing Leak Detection in Baton Rouge & New Orleans

Do you think there’s a leak in your plumbing system? Stop wondering. Find out exactly where you have a problem by contacting the IICRC-certified technicians at Louisiana Leak Detection. We use cutting-edge technology, including infrared cameras & SONAR imaging, to quickly and efficiently locate plumbing leaks, sewer line leaks, slab foundation leaks, and more for residential & commercial customers.

Our crews serve customers in Baton Rouge, CovingtonHammondNew OrleansDenham Springs, and other cities throughout our service area in Southeast Louisiana. To learn more, call Louisiana Leak Detection at 225-320-5566 or click here to schedule some plumbing leak detection services at your property ASAP! We locate leaks caused by high water pressurepipe corrosiondrastic temperature changeuntreated drain clogs, and more!

Catch Plumbing Leaks Early With Our Advanced Leak Detection Services

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Cutting-Edge Leak Detection Technology

We utilize cameras, infrared technology, and SONAR to quickly and efficiently locate leaks.

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Trained & Qualified Experts

Our extensive knowledge of plumbing systems allows us to quickly and safely detect leaks.

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Locally Owned & Operated Company

We offer personalized leak detection services in Southeast Louisiana and will connect you with a local company who can repair the leak.

How It Works

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We’ll arrive at your property and determine the source of your plumbing leak.

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Advanced imaging is used to track down the leak in a non-invasive manner that does not cause damage to your property.

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We will provide a detailed report of where the leak is located so it can be repaired.

Plumbing Leak

Catch The Leaks Before They Catch You

Here are some signs of potential plumbing leaks that you should monitor at your home or office in Baton Rouge & New Orleans:

  • Wall discoloration
  • Bubbling paint or bulging wallpaper
  • A dripping sound
  • A musty smell
  • Sewage backups & blockages
  • Extra green and lush patches in the grass

Common Causes Of A Plumbing Leak

Pipe Corrosion

Corrosion is a natural process that takes place as pipes age. As corrosion eats away at the piping, it can create openings for water to escape. We recommend getting new pipes if your current pipes are corroding due to age. The problem will continue to worsen as time goes on.

High Water Pressure

Pipes are engineered to withstand a certain level of water pressure before they start weakening. The higher the pressure, the more damage they’re likely to sustain and potentially burst.

Drastic Temperature Change

Metal pipes expand and contract with the temperature. When the winter months roll around and the temperature changes, you need to be prepared for your pipes to crack, leak, or even burst.

Untreated Drain Clogs

Clogs in your sink or shower may seem nothing more than a slight annoyance, but they could also be a sign of an underlying issue. Clogs can be full of corrosive and toxic materials that could eat away at your pipes and cause them to leak.