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Plumbing Leak & Sewer Line Leak Detection in Houma

Damage to your home's framework caused by a plumbing or sewer leak is both expensive and time-consuming to repair. Finding a leak can be a hassle, but if you hear water dripping or smell sewage, you know there's an issue that needs fixing fast. That is exactly the moment you need professional help otherwise a small leak can cause significant water damage and structural damage.

Louisiana Leak Detection has the solution for you. In order to swiftly and accurately find plumbing leaks, sewer line leaks, and more for residential and commercial customers, our IICRC-certified professionals utilize cutting-edge equipment, such as infrared cameras and SONAR imaging. So for getting the most effective and fast detection service, call 225-320-5566.

Our Leak Detection Services

You shouldn’t have to wait to find out what is afflicting your property. A water or sewer leak is a serious problem and one that should not be ignored or put off. Get the answers you need and protect your property from undue damage by calling Louisiana Leak Detection today.

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Why do Plumbing Leaks and Sewer Line Leaks Require Immediate Detection?

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Water bill: Leaks waste money over time. A small leak can become big and drain your cash flow with high water bills.

Safety: Water leak detection helps ensure the safety of anyone who might be drinking or taking a bath in the water because it's possible for contaminants to enter your home's water when a leak occurs.

Property damage: Leaks may do much more than waste water and cost money. As leaks get worse and more water leaks out, they can damage structures, wood floors, furniture, and other contents nearby.

Cost of Procrastination: It will cost more to fix a tiny leak that turns into a large leak or damage. That's why it's important to find water leaks quickly.

Increasing Efficiency: Quick water leak detection allows users to get the maximum benefits of the water supply system.

Odor: Small leak in a sewer line can create a bad odor and make the place unlivable. That's why immediate detection is required.

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Don’t let a tiny leak damage your property and wastes a lot of money. If you live in  Houma and you suspect that you have a plumbing or sewer line leak, contact us at 225-320-5566 without any delay.

We also provide detection services for slab foundation leaks, loose water connections, fixture cracks, pipe corrosion, etc. Click here to set an appointment.