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Sewer Line, Slab & Foundation Leak Services in Madisonville

Sewer line, slab, and foundation leaks has a great impact on your property. Detecting these leaks early is crucial to averting further damage and costly repairs. That's why you should contact a qualified and experienced professional like Louisiana Leak detection. Our extensive knowledge of allows us to quickly and safely detect leaks and works on it ASAP

We are a licensed and certified leak detection company across Madisonville. We use special equipment such as SONAR imaging & infrared cameras to efficiently identify trouble in your plumbing system. Call us at 225-320-5566 or contact us online when you need emergency sewer, slab, & foundation leak detection services for residential & commercial customers. We are available 24/7 to serve you in your emergency and provide 100% customer satisfaction


Some Additional Services by Louisiana Leak Detection 

  • Rain Leak Detection: Rainwater leaks can cause damage to the building's structure, foundation, and interior finishes, leading to costly repairs. 
  • Water Intrusion Detection: Water intrusion can lead to various issues, including property damage, mold growth, and structural integrity problems. Detecting water intrusion early is crucial to mitigating potential risks.
  • Gas Leak Detection: Gas leaks can occur from natural gas, propane, or other flammable gases and pose serious safety risks, including fire, explosions, and health hazards.
  • Water Heater Leak Detection: Leaks from water heaters can cause water damage, mold growth, and energy wastage. Detecting water heater leaks early can help you prevent costly repairs and minimize potential damage.

Get The Best Leak Detection Service from Louisiana Leak Detection

At Louisiana Leak Detection, our team of experts offers sewer, slab, & foundation leak detection services across Madisonville. Let our caring and friendly team assist you in finding leaks so they don't increase your water bill or harm your property. Click here or call us at 225-320-5566 to make an appointment with us.