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Baton Rouge Leak Detection For Homeowners

Baton Rouge Leak Detection For Homeowners

Water is directed through our homes for daily use through pipes. While plumbing, for the most part, successfully gets that water to and from where it needs to go, every now and then problems can arise when leaks occur. It is not always easy to detect leaky pipes in your Baton Rouge home, and, consequently, pipe leaks can often go unnoticed long enough to cause some serious damage.

Leak Detection In Baton Rouge

Here are just a few causes of leaky pipes that may help you with the leak detection process.

  • Corrosion: Over time, rust will develop in pipes and cause corrosion. This corrosion can eat away at your pipes and compromise their structural integrity. These weak spots in pipes are prone to bursts and leaks if water pressure gets too high, which leads right into the next cause…
  • High Water Pressure: Pipes are only made to withstand a set amount of pressure. Once that level has been surpassed, pipes are at an increased risk of leaks. Pipes do not have any give, so the only way to reduce pressure is to force the water out. This means that any susceptible areas will end up leaking water.
  • Compromised Seals: Pipe connections are enforced with seals. Unfortunately, seals can become weakened and begin to loosen which will allow water to leak out.
  • Pipe Joints: Pipe connections are the weakest points and the most susceptible to leaks. Joints that allow pipes to turn, curve, and bend require multiple connections. These connections utilize seals that can be common places for leaks to occur.

While these areas or instances can increase the likelihood of leaks occurring, leaks are not always easy to identify. From our leak detection experts, here are a few signs you should look out for that indicate there is a leak somewhere:

  • Musty Smell: as water leaks and builds up, a musty odor will begin to come from the affected area. This is often the result of mold growth which is almost always associated with water damage. If a strong earthy odor is present in your home, you probably have water leaking somewhere.
  • Discoloration: stains and spots may begin to occur on ceilings, walls, baseboards, or floors when water is continually introduced to an area. Discoloration and staining is a result of water saturation pushing its way out of a material.
  • Dripping Sound: One of the most obvious signs that you have a water leak is the sound of dripping water. A steady, constant drip is a sure indicator that water is leaking out of a pipe.

At Louisiana Leak Detection, we know how tricky it is to find plumbing leaks in your home. That is why we utilize the most advanced technology, including infrared and SONAR imaging to identify leaks quickly and accurately. You cannot fix a problem that you cannot find, and water damage is not a problem you want to prolong. If you suspect a water leak in your Baton Rouge home, call Louisiana Leak Detection right away. Our leak detection experts will investigate and detect leaks so that you can get the problem stopped and repaired.