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Detect Potential Leaks In Your Baton Rouge Home

Detect Potential Leaks In Your Baton Rouge Home

Leaks can occur anytime and anywhere throughout your Baton Rouge home. Unfortunately leaks are not always obvious or easy to identify. If you suspect that there is a leak in your home, here are some of the most common signs associated with them to help you identify if there really is a leak or not.

Leak Detection In Baton Rouge

  • Strong Odors: One of the most obvious signs (because you can’t miss it) that there is a leak in your home is the musty smell that comes from prolonged leaks that have facilitated mold or other microbial growth. Unfortunately, this smell will not go away on its own – in fact, as long as the leak is still present, so will the smell be.
  • Mold: Mold growth accompanies water damage and water leaks when they are left unresolved for longer than 48 hours. Visible mold can manifest itself through many different appearances. Sometimes it appears white and fuzzy, while other times it is more subtle and brown. Varying shades of green, brown, black and white can all indicate mold growth. Mold will remain present in the area, and begin to spread through the air to other areas of the home, until the water leak has been identified and stopped.
  • Sound of Dripping Water: That steady, constant drip, drip, drip sound is a dead giveaway that there is water leaking out and dripping somewhere. Over time, this sign of water damage will begin to get more and more unbearable. The problem is, sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint the exact location of the dripping water, especially if it is not a leaky faucet that is the culprit.

While these are just a few of the more common signs that there is a leak somewhere, they can still help you to be more aware of the possibility that you could, indeed, have leaking somewhere in your home. Identifying these signs for what they are is the first step to finding a leak and getting it addressed to and resolved quickly. That being said, even if you have been able to identify all the signs, it can still be tricky to find the actual source of the leaking water. Don’t worry though, hope is not lost! This is where we come in.

Our Baton Rouge leak detection services will be sure to find the source of your problem. We specialize in detecting plumbing leaks, sewer line leaks, and slab/foundation leaks – all of which can easily go unnoticed. We are dedicated to locating the source of your leak in the most non-invasive way possible so we utilize advanced technology to make sure we do not miss anything. Identifying the signs of leaks is the first step to identifying the problem itself, so when you notice any of the above signs in your home, give us a call right away. With the help of infrared cameras and SONAR imaging, we can accurately detect leaks before they lead to costly damage to your home.