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Foundation Leaks In Baton Rouge – The Main Types

Foundation Leaks In Baton Rouge

You deserve to come home to a place that is in good working condition everyday so you can kick your feet up and relax. Unfortunately, no matter how hardy our home is, it will still require proper care and maintenance. The only way to ensure that everything remains in good working condition however is to be conscious of what may go wrong, what that may look like, and do the proper maintenance to fix it when a problem occurs. One particular problem that could occur is a leak. Leaks happen all the time but the culprits may be different. This is important to note because fixing the problem will be much more difficult if you don’t know where it is coming from.

Foundation Leak Detection In Baton Rouge

Plumbing Leaks

With a plumbing leak, and any other leak really, it is important to catch it early. Signs to look out for when it comes to a plumbing leak are wall discoloration, bubbling wallpaper or warped wood and drywall, a dripping sound, or a musty smell. Use your senses to help you identify if there is a problem going on. There are a few things that could cause a plumbing leak such as aging of pipes, high water pressure, sudden or drastic changes in temperature, and clogged drains. Keep a lookout for any of these occurring and if you suspect something is wrong, don’t wait. Call a foundation leak detection service that can locate exactly where the leak is taking place and get to work fixing it.

Sewer Line Leaks

Sewage is really anything leaving a house through a water drain. This could include everything from human waste to soaps and detergents. Sewage can be harmful to people by making them sick if exposed. This makes sewer line leaks a big problem. You may suspect a sewer line leak if you catch a sewage smell in your home, you constantly hear running water even when no faucets or other water sources are turned on, your floor is damp, or your water bill goes up. The water bill is one way to recognize if there is a leak, sewer line or any other, is happening. If you see a drastic change in how much you owe, get out your investigation skills and look for other symptoms that your house has a leak.

Slab/Foundation Leaks

Slab or foundation leaks are any leaks that occur to the cement portion or foundation of the house. Slab leaks can be very problematic. They cause many of the same symptoms as other leaks such as a bad smell or increased water bills but as well they can cause your foundation to crack and even cause the floors of your house to shift unevenly. This could be caused by poor installation when you were first building your house, pressure from external sources such as tree roots, and corrosion.

No matter what type of leak you face, get the problem fixed fast. This will prevent further damage from occurring. Call a leak detection service who have the right equipment and expertise to pinpoint where the leak is occurring and to fix it. If you are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Leak Detection could be the company to help you.