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Foundation Leak Prevention and Detection In Baton Rouge

On rainy days, I like to curl up on the couch with my favorite blanket, a good book, and some hot chocolate. Ideally I would be worry free, just enjoying the sound of the raindrops hitting the roof, maybe the occasional thunder. The last thing anyone wants is on a rainy day, to see that you have a foundation leak and now water is leaking into your home. To make sure you can be the relaxed, cozy person during a rainstorm, rather than the latter, there are just a few things you can do to prevent a foundation leak. As well, it’s important to know what needs to happen if you think there is a leak in your foundation. Most times it is difficult to tell if there is one and where it is.

Foundation Leak Detection In Baton Rouge


Most foundation leaks occur because water pools at the base of your house, seeps into the ground, and then leaks through your foundation. So you can stop the problem from the very get go with outside maintenance. It helps if your yard is sloped away from your house. This makes it so water runs away from your house rather than pooling next to it. As well, be sure to routinely check your gutters so they don’t get clogged up by debris. If a gutter does get clogged, water will fill up and overflow, pooling next to your house. Be sure to clean the gutters out regularly.

Aside from checking on potential outside problems, keep an eye on what’s going on inside. If you do notice a crack in your foundation fill it before it has the chance to leak. You can seal the crack by using hydraulic cement. Though, there are certain ways to do this so if you have any question in your mind, call a foundation leak detection professional to come help seal it up for you.


Detection of a foundation leak is tricky because most times it isn’t really visible to us but that doesn’t make it any less important. Detecting a foundation leak before it actually causes a real issue is important. It will save you from also having to worry about water damage clean-up and in the long run save you time and money because you can get it fixed right away rather than later when it could potentially be worse. To detect the exact point where the leak is coming from is tricky and nearly impossible for those who are not well educated in doing so or have the proper equipment. Call in a professional foundation leak detection service to find the leak for you. If you are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Leak Detection can help you out.

In order to effectively and efficiently pinpoint the location of a foundation leak, the foundation leak detection professionals may use cameras, infrared technology, and SONAR. In order for SONAR to work, they will most likely need it as quiet as possible. This may mean they might ask you to turn off appliances such as a washing machine or even the fridge.

At the end of the day, foundation leaks are nothing scary. By calling for help from a foundation leak detection professional you can easily get to the bottom of the problem and get it fixed.