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Signs That Could Lead To Needing Leak Detection Services

Signs of Needing Leak Detection Services

The only thing worse than a plumbing leak in your Baton Rouge home is a sewer line leak. Sewer line leaks are a serious problem because they contain harmful materials that can be hazardous. Raw sewage typically contains anything that leaves your home by a water drain (including the toilet) so everything from human feces, detergents, food waste, and cleaning products are found in sewage. These materials mixed with microorganisms and chemicals that inhabit sewage are not what you want to find in your home. So, how can you detect sewage line leaks before they become major problems? Here are some signs you should be on the lookout for that lead to leak detection from your sewer line:

1. Unexplained Foul Odors

For most homeowners who have had to deal with sewage line leaks, the first thing that alerts them is the smell. Oftentimes it is a strong, unpleasant odor (think sulfur or rotten eggs) that cannot be explained. Sewage lines also contain gasses that can be released if there is a leak and not only smell bad, but are not healthy to breathe in for prolonged periods of time. If you notice a foul smell in your home that is not going away and you cannot find a source, you should schedule a service call for sewage line leak detection.

2. Changes in Water Color

Water flowing from your faucets should be clear. When a leak occurs in the sewer line, it can tinge the color of the water. When water coming from your faucet has a brown, yellow, or green hue to it, you should have it evaluated. Sometimes rust and corrosion in your plumbing system can contribute to colored water, but either issue will need to be resolved for the water to be safe for use. Be sure to call for leak detection in your sewer line if you notice the color of your water is off.

3. Slow Drainage

Whenever a drain slows down, it can be a bigger problem than just an inconvenience. Slow-draining tubs, showers, and sinks often mean there is a clog somewhere in the pipe. When you consider all the things that make their way down the drain (from hair, soap scum and grime, to left-over food particles), it is no wonder that drains can clog fairly frequently. That being said, reoccurring slow-drainage or slow draining that does not resolve after cleaning attempts and treatments can indicate a bigger problem in your sewer line, so you should call for professional services.

Leak Detection in Baton Rouge

Besides the odors and inconveniences that are often associated with sewer line leaks, they can also pose some serious health risks to all who are exposed to them in the home. This is why we offer leak detection services so we can find the source and get it resolved as quickly as possible. Our cutting edge leak detection technology helps us to find leaks whether they are from the sewage line, plumbing systems, or even slab-foundation leaks. Our trained and qualified experts will be able to evaluate your home, pinpoint the location of the leak, and get the problem stopped as soon as possible. If you notice any of the above signs in your home, or suspect you may have a sewage line leak, call Louisiana Leak Detection right away.