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Options for Repairing And Detecting Slab Leaks

Slab Leaks Repairing And Detecting

A “slab leak” is an industrial term used to describe leaks that develop under the concrete foundation of a building. These leaks are usually caused by deteriorating or disrupted water and sewer lines that can break due a variety of factors. Neglected slab leaks can cause serious problems, including wall and foundation cracks, high water bills, bad odors, and uneven floors. Even worse, this could potentially cause your building to shift and sink.

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There are several approaches to repairing with a slab leak. The option that’s best for you depends on many factors: the extent of the leak, plumbing conditions, piping materials, the soil makeup, home construction, etc. Three possible options are :

Repair Damaged Section

If the leak is minor and the pipe is in otherwise good condition, this is generally the most practical option. The leaking section of pipe and related fittings can simply be replaced. Epoxy pipe lining is another possible option. This involves lining the interior of the pipe with epoxy to seal the leak and doesn’t require breaking the foundation.

Reroute the Pipe

If the leaking pipe is old or in poor condition, repairing a leak in one spot could cause a leak to spring somewhere else on that pipe. In this case, the best option may be to shut off the pipe at the closest manifold and re-route it. The pipe will typically be rerouted above ground.

Re-pipe the Entire House

In an old house where the whole pipe system is deteriorating, a slab leak is often a sign that you’ll soon be seeing leaks in other parts of the system. By re-piping the house, you’ll head off future leaks and the damage, repair expenses, and stress they bring. But only after an inspection will you have the information needed to make that decision. Call Louisiana leak detection to get an experienced team on site to look at your situation.

Will Insurance Help?

Homeowner’s insurance often covers part or all of the costs related to a slab leak. Locate a copy of your policy (or call your agent to clarify.) If a simple repair is all you need, your insurance will most likely cover the cost of demolition (breaking into the foundation and closing it again) and pipe replacement, but it may not cover the labor costs involved. A “tear-out provision” in your policy means the cost of demolition should be covered.

Continue reading your plan carefully. Rerouting and re-piping are generally not covered, but because they reduce the risk of leaks and water damage inside your home, you can petition your insurance provider to adjust your rates after the job is done.

Unfortunately, policies vary widely and some don’t cover water-related damage at all while others cover only physical damage caused by a leak that occurred suddenly. If you notice signs of a slab leak, contact Louisiana Leak Detection as soon as possible. They can help you make sense of your existing coverage. You’ll need a partner with experience with our soils, weather, and construction methods. In Louisiana, the team to call for emergency response is Louisiana Leak Detection.

For Foundation Leaks In Your Baton Rouge Home

The foundation leak detection experts at Louisiana Leak Detection use sonic equipment such as ground mics and acoustic systems. These pick up on the noise made when a leaky section of pipe vibrates due to water leaving it at a high speed. They may also use sonic location systems to pinpoint non-metal pipes and video pipe inspection equipment.