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Using Tools To Prevent Baton Rouge Foundation Leaks

Tools To Prevent Baton Rouge Foundation Leaks

By definition, the foundation of your home is the load-bearing portion of a structure; typically built below ground. While the foundation is designed to support your entire home, it is also expected to act as a barrier between your home and groundwater that surrounds it. Since the foundation of your Baton Rouge home is the lowest part of your home, it is very susceptible to leaks from the water that surrounds it. So, how do you prevent a leak from occurring in your foundation?

Baton Rouge Foundation Leaks

  • Inspect your basement for any cracks, gaps, or signs of shifting so you can prevent leaks. If there are no cracks or gaps, then water has no way to leak in through the foundation. Unfortunately, as your home settles over time, soil will shift and move which means that your foundation is bound to experience some type of cracking at some point. Even the best laid and supported understructures can experience gaps or cracks. When these susceptible areas go unnoticed and are not addressed, they become entry points for water to leak into your home. Caulk and sealant can act as a water barrier by being used to fill in the gaps and close the cracks which will prevent leaks in your foundation.
  • Add extenders to your downspouts that will direct water at least 3 (but preferably 5) feet away from your home’s foundation. Rain gutters are designed to catch and carry water off of your roof and down to the ground. Without extenders, the downspouts will just dump the water collected by the gutters right next to the base of your home. When the ground next to your home becomes fully saturated with water, that water will take the path of least resistance as it tries to look for somewhere else to go – typically leading to leaks in the foundation. Do not let the soil next to your home’s structure become a pooling place for water runoff from rain gutters by utilizing downspout extenders. (*side note: downspout extension kits can be purchased at most convenient or hardware stores, or even ordered online through sites like amazon, and are easy to install).
  • While we are on the topic of gutters and downspouts, be sure to clean out your gutters at least twice a year and follow any severe weather or storms. Dirt, debris, and leaves are just a few of the things that can build up in and clog rain gutters, which will create dams that will block water flow and cause it to spill out of the gutters and down the sides of your home. This means that water will not be directed safely away from your home and will instead fall straight down along the foundation. Again, pooling water next to the foundation is a huge risk for leaks so keep those gutters cleaned out.

We aren’t called Louisiana Leak Detection for nothing – we know a thing or two about foundation leaks here in Baton Rouge. The above steps will help keep your home’s structure safe, but may not guarantee you won’t experience a leak in your foundation at some point. Not to worry though, Louisiana Leak Detection is here for you – we are ready to resolve any leak in your foundation and will help keep the most important part of your home strong and secure.