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Water Leak Detection In Baton Rouge - Who To Call

Water Leak Detection In Baton Rouge

Your home is at risk from a hidden water leak. Many times, the homeowner suspects a problem without seeing the whole picture. A warm spot on the floor ( with under slab piping) or the sound of water might be your first clue. Visible cracks in your floor, tiles, bricks or moldings could signify a water leak.

Other times, the family accountant sees a trend in the monthly bills. If your bill is rising consistently but your water use habits haven’t changed, a leak may be to blame. Gather some bills from the past few months and compare them to see if there’s a steady increase. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends checking your winter water usage to find out if a leak is occurring somewhere in your home.

If a family of four is using more than 12,000 gallons of water per month, there’s probably a serious leak problem somewhere in your plumbing system. Check your meter for “usage” while you have turned off all appliances and faucets.

Foundation Leak Detection Experts In Baton Rouge

Even when you know you have a leak, you’ll need help finding the source and then repairing it. You need specialized services with high tech tools:

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1. When you call a Louisiana Leak Detection to find the source of a hidden leak, they will begin by 1) doing a walk through of your home to check for any signs or clues of a possible leak. A leak detection system monitors the flow of water through a pipeline. When abnormal behavior is detected, the system cuts off the water flow to the entirety of the household by closing a valve within the leak detector. Leak detection systems are usually installed at the water’s point of entry into the home.

2. Next, they will detect leaks with advanced imaging in a non-invasive manner that does not cause damage to your property. Advanced technology including cameras, infrared cameras, and SONAR imaging identify leaks quickly and accurately.

3. They will provide a detailed report of where the leak is located so it can be repaired.

Professional Water Leak Detection

Pipeline leak detection is used to determine where a leak has occurred in systems that contain liquids. The methods of detection include hydrostatic testing, infrared and laser technology, and are used after pipeline creation.

  • Video inspection tools. This camera is funneled down into a relevant pipe and allows the homeowner and the plumber to obtain visuals of the plumbing system.
  • Ground microphones. If the leak is located underneath a concrete slab or behind a wall, ground microphones or listening discs can be used to find leaks.
  • Acoustic amplifier. Plumbing leaks that are too quiet to hear can be amplified using this device.

While a faucet leak may be obvious, and fairly straightforward, not all leaks are so apparent. Leaks underneath the foundation of a home or behind a wall can be difficult for a homeowner to find. That’s where professional water leak detection comes into play. Reputable foundation and slab repair professionals will perform a complete inspection. They’ll follow up with an honest evaluation of your situation and give you a transparent explanation of your repair options and what they will cost.

Get the information you need to address your problem. Modern technology allows for accurate, non-destructive slab leak detection.