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Leak Detection Services
Leak Detection

Leak Detection Services

Have you noticed signs of a water or sewer leak on your property in Southeast Louisiana? We’ll detect the problem so you can have it fixed.

Detect And Fix Leaks With Our Fast And Effective Leak Detection Services

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Cutting-Edge Leak Detection Technology

We utilize cameras, infrared technology, and SONAR to quickly and efficiently locate leaks.

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Trained & Qualified Experts

Our extensive knowledge of plumbing systems allows us to quickly and safely detect leaks.

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Locally Owned & Operated Company

We offer personalized leak detection services in Southeast Louisiana and will connect you with a local company who can repair the leak.

How It Works

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We’ll arrive at your property and determine where the leak may be coming from.

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Advanced imaging is used to track down the leak in a non-invasive manner that does not cause damage to your property.

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We will provide a detailed report of where the leak is located so it can be repaired.

Common Signs Of A Leak Affecting Your Home

Common Signs Of A Leak Affecting Your Home

Leaks are oftentimes hidden from view, making them hard to detect. Here are some tips to help you recognize potential leaking on your property.

  • A sudden spike in your water bill
  • The sound of running or dripping water when pipes aren’t being used​
  • Foul odors
  • Signs of moisture or mildew on walls, ceilings, or under carpeting
  • Overgrowth in the lawn
  • Cracks in the baseboards and walls​
  • Unusually low water pressure​

Our Leak Detection Services Cover The Following

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